chery omoda 5 gt
Model Car


1.6 Turbo Charged Engine

The Turbo engine on Omoda 5 generates a lot of power, thus providing a pleasant driving sensation to pass through various road areas

Driving And Suspension

Intelligent electronically controlled four-wheel drive system. Light when driving slowly, stable when driving fast.

Feature Chery Omoda 5 GT

Multicolor Ambient Light

Offering a customizable color spectrum, it integrates seamlessly into the car interior, highlighting the modern design and creating an inviting atmosphere. Upgrade your driving journey with Multicolor Ambient Light, as every moment in the Chery Omoda 5 GT becomes an exciting and personalized adventure.

Intelligent Wireless Charger

Charge your smartphone wirelessly, and have a reminder system when the device is left in the vehicle.

Intelligent Voice Control

Only by saying "Hello Chery" you can set multimedia, Vehicle Control, Phone, Ambient light and AC also

Premium Audio Sound by SONY

Enjoy extraordinary audio absorption with Sony's premium sound system on the Omoda 5 GT Car Chery. Enjoy clear sound, powerful bass, which enhances your driving soundtrack

Door Mirror Heating

Easily defrosts the rear view mirror during cold weather, ensuring clear visibility at all times. Drive more confidently with the comfort of heated door mirrors, regardless of the elements.

Perforated Seat with ventilation

Stay cool and fresh during riding with the airflow provided by the seat's innovative design. Enjoy a luxurious ride with temperature control and optimal relaxation.

6 Airbags - Safe Unlimited

Comprehensive protection with 6 airbags: Main/passenger seat airbag, front side airbags, extra long side airbags, front center airbag

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